I welcome you to Benjamin Magante Hypnotherapy & Healing. I am here to assist you with healing through the therapeutic use of hypnosis and energy healing. Join me today in a session to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Clinical hypnosis and energy medicine are powerful healing modalities to employ for your health and wellness and a great way to stay in complete balance and harmony and live healthier and happier in this demanding world.   

Benjamin Magante Hypnotherapy & Healing offers sessions online via Zoom and in-person. General self-improvement sessions can be offered virtually or in-person and just use the contact form to setup a consultation to discuss the presenting issue and how you would like to have the session facilitated. Another service is QHHT and that session can only be facilitated in-person due to the intimate and delicate nature of the process however use the contact form to schedule a session. BQH is very similar and can be facilitated virtually. Any further questions about the sessions and process can be asked during the consultation with the Hypnotherapist.

Benjamin Magante Hypnotherapy & Healing is here to provide information and healing to help empower clients all over San Diego County and the world to be happier and healthier individuals in today’s demanding world. Browse the site and contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. If you or your family member is suffering from a terminal illness or disease, I am willing to drive to your home anywhere in San Diego County and work with you for a donation you see fit using Quantum Healing Hypnosis to try and find you some kind of relief from your condition so please reach out to me using the contact form on this site.

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“Our subconscious mind holds memories of every little detail of our life and all other past lives just like a computer database or like an ipod holding all these songs but only playing one at a time. With the tool of hypnosis we can retrieve all these memories and learn from them.” — Ben



“When I first heard of a past life regression, I didn’t believe it. But when I did it, I had a previous life in ancient Egypt and it totally blew me away!.”


“I wasn’t surprised to learn that my first son was my son I had in my past life in a village in South America and after I learned I died from a head injury my headaches never came back.”


“When I found out that I used to be a man with a wife and two kids back in the 1700’s when Ben did the regression on me, I’ve been reading every book I can find on reincarnation. So amazing we can get information like that.”

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Sessions are facilitated via Zoom or in-person at the client’s home.




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