One Light Healing Touch I am a Certified One Light Healing Touch™ Energy Healing Practitioner. I offer private energy healing sessions both in-person and distance. (Distance healing uses the same energy and is just as effective.)

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is an ancient healing practice that has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Energy healing involves working with the energy of your body. It can be any therapy that uses the energy of the human body to bring the body back into balance so that the body can begin to heal itself.  The insight that the human body is composed of layers of energy is not at all new. Many traditions speak about it and healing methods have been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world.

  • Ancient Indian yogic spiritual tradition, over 5,000 years old, speaks of a universal energy called Prana. The universal energy is seen as the basic constituent and source of all life. Prana, the breath of life, moves through all forms and gives them life.
  • The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium B.C., posited the existence of a vital energy called Ch’i. All matter is composed of and pervaded by this universal energy composed of 2 polar forces: yin and yang. When the yin and the yang are balanced, the living system exhibits physical health. The ancient art of acupuncture focuses on balancing the yin and yang.
  • More recently, Dr. Wilhelm Reich became interested in universal energy that he named “orgone“. He studied the relationship between disturbances of orgone flow in the human body and physical and psychological illnesses. He discovered that by releasing energy blocks, he could clear negative mental and emotional states.

Today, hundreds of scientific studies are showing positive results. One Light Healing Touch™ offers advanced energy healing techniques for healing the whole person, body, mind and spirit and the work is helpful for chronic and acute conditions.

ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH™ was founded in 1996 by Ron Lavin (MA), and is an acclaimed international Energy Healing and Mystery School that offers Basic, Masters and Teacher Training programs. Our School honors all spiritual traditions and serves the novice and advanced practitioner. The One Light Healing Touch™ teachings are based on Ron Lavin’s life experience and psychic understanding about the true nature of energy, as well as his Shamanic, Esoteric and Holistic training.

Ron Lavin is a renowned healer and gifted psychic who maintains the fundamental importance of listening from the heart and acting upon the truths that flow from Source. Ron has participated in five landmark studies with the National Institutes of Health. He has been featured in the media internationally, including the Telly-winning documentary THE HEALING FIELD – Exploring Energy & Consciousness, which is available on Amazon and Ron gave the school its name because he believes that, while the paths to the divine are ecumenical, they all lead to the ONE source and the ONE Light. Schools are located in the US and Germany. See for studies and articles.

Benefits of One Light Healing Touch

One Light Healing Touch energy healing complements all medical and holistic practices.  It is especially effective for all types of chronic conditions, since it stimulates and strengthens the immune system and shortens the client’s recovery time, while dramatically decreasing levels of pain and increasing a sense of well-being.

One Light Healing Touch energy healing increases the body’s ability to heal itself, so it can be used effectively for treating numerous conditions, including: AIDS-related opportunistic diseases, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, bone fractures, cancer, cysts, emphysema, epilepsy, headaches, heart and lung conditions, high blood pressure, infections, rashes, tumors, ulcers, and wounds.

Besides the acute and chronic conditions listed above, it can also provide the following benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved sense of well being and quality of life
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Balanced and strengthened immune system
  • Accelerated recovery from surgical procedures
  • Increased personal growth and self-awareness
  • Released trauma due to emotional or physical causes
  • Assistance with spiritual concerns
  • Support for end-of-life issues

During your healing session, I draw from the full spectrum of the many One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing techniques to help my clients release negative, or blocked energy, and help restore vitality, balance, and wellness. Sessions may include psychic information for your guidance and clarity.

  • Assessment of blocked energies, removes unwanted energy, and then channels restorative energy to rebalance your energy system.
  • Energy is channeled from my hands which can be placed lightly, or slightly above the your body. You will be fully clothed.

What Makes One Light Healing Touch Unique?

We are living in times of great change. It’s often challenging to stay clear, balanced and grounded. One Light Healing Touch is one of the most beautiful and all-encompassing ways to release programming, stress and various chronic-health issues. But most of all, it increases our connection to our indwelling spirit, while opening our heart, creativity and intuition. It helps us to become grounded and balanced, while healing the Body, Mind and Spirit. One Light Healing Touch is committed to the evolution of humanity.

Many energy healing techniques teach a series of hand-placement methods while radiating healing energy into the client, but ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH is unique with it’s comprehensive depth. The OLHT Practitioner has been trained in over 50 Self-Healing Practices and Energy Healing Techniques: and an additional 22 Techniques are taught in the Masters Training. Our Master’s Graduates also learn how to give “Master-Healer” Energy Healings. 

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Session Fee: $100/hr or 3-$275 or 6-$540      Accepts: Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, Cash.

Excerpt from The Healing Field, a documentary by Penny Price
Running Energy with Ron Lavin
Ron Lavin, Founder & Director of One Light Healing Touch